What Are The Causes Of Damp Walls?

Rising Damp

Damp walls are often caused by high levels of moisture within a building or its structure. Rising damp is a specific type of issue that affects the walls of buildings, where water from the ground infiltrates via capillary action. It’s important to note that only water entering through this method can be classified as rising damp; other types of water infiltration may move differently throughout a structure. A chemical damp proof course (DPC) installation can effectively address rising damp concerns, but it’s crucial to recognise and identify the problem for long-term remediation. Sussex Damp Treatments specialises in identifying and treating rising damp issues with expertise and precision.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating dampness, also known as rain penetration, is a highly damaging issue that can occur in your home when water enters from the outside. Fortunately, our skilled damp-proofing team can trace the source of this problem and provide cost-effective solutions to address it. By thoroughly examining and treating any penetrating moisture problems, we ensure that your home remains free from harm caused by dampness. Trust us to provide you with expert service and peace of mind knowing that your property is protected against the detrimental effects of water infiltration.


Condensation is a prevalent issue in many areas, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and bedrooms. This phenomenon occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces resulting in water droplets accumulating on the wall’s surface. It’s worth noting that this problem can arise even at a distance from the source of water vapour. For instance, water vapour produced in a bathroom or kitchen may diffuse throughout the home and condense on cool bedroom walls. Condensation is more frequent during colder months when there is an increased amount of moisture present in the air. Furthermore, it’s essential to understand that black mould thrives only in pure water such as that found within condensation; therefore, it does not indicate rising dampness.

Building Defects

Internal dampness can arise from a range of issues, such as the absence or damage of mortar paths in exterior walls, impaired stone windowsills, inadequate sealant around doors and windows, and poorly maintained wooden fixtures. These factors can lead to water seepage into the property’s interior spaces, causing unsightly stains on walls and ceilings while also creating an unhealthy living environment that promotes mould growth. To prevent this issue from occurring or worsening, it is essential to address these underlying causes promptly through professional treatment methods. By doing so, homeowners can ensure their properties remain dry and healthy for themselves and their families while avoiding costly repairs down the line.

Plumbing Issues

A seemingly insignificant plumbing leak can lead to a substantial and noteworthy damp area. Although the water escape may be minuscule, it typically occurs consistently and is concentrated in one location. The region absorbs more moisture than it can dispel due to frequent wetting, causing an excess that spreads to nearby areas.

Leaky Gutters

Should you come across a damp area in your abode or garden, it could be due to defective guttering. The presence of moisture can stem from gutters that are clogged with debris, grime and dirt. This is highly likely when the majority of the system is obstructed by such elements.

Damp Proofing Services

Damp walls pose a multitude of problems for both the building and its occupants. The presence of moisture can lead to the growth of mould, which in turn can cause respiratory issues, particularly for those with pre-existing conditions. To prevent such issues from arising, damp proofing is essential. At Sussex Damp Treatments, we offer a range of moisture-proofing methods that each have their own unique benefits. One such method is the use of a damp proof course (DPC), which helps control increasing damp by managing capillary action-induced moisture. This treatment prevents damage to walls caused by rising damp. Another effective solution is the installation of a damp proof membrane (DPM). This involves placing a polyethene material beneath concrete sheets to manage moisture and protect against rainwater infiltration while providing resistance against pressure and water.

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Can Damp Cause Structural Damage?

Damp can severely harm the structural integrity of a building, causing damage to both its exterior and interior. The mortar on walls can crumble due to moisture, leaving unsightly salt marks behind. Additionally, steel and iron fasteners may corrode over time, further weakening the structure. In severe cases, dampness can cause plaster or mortar to fall off infected walls altogether. Moisture also leads to secondary damage in buildings by encouraging the growth of wood fungus that causes wood rot and contributes to health problems such as sick building syndrome. Furthermore, excessive humidity promotes the deterioration of plaster and paint while causing wallpaper to peel off easily. It is crucial for property owners to address any signs of dampness promptly before it results in costly repairs or poses a threat to occupants’ health and safety.

Don’t Delay Damp Walls’ Treatment & Repair!

Prompt action is crucial when moisture is detected in your home. Failure to address dampness can lead to severe consequences for both the residents and the structure of the property. Besides being visually unappealing, dampness can cause significant structural damage that may compromise a building’s stability if not remedied promptly. It also poses a health risk, particularly for individuals with respiratory problems.

If you suspect any form of dampness in your building, do not hesitate to contact Sussex Damp Treatments as soon as possible. Ignoring this issue could result in various issues such as peeling paint, dry rot or wet rot leading to rotten wood, crumbling plaster and warped floorboards or skirting boards. Rusty steel fasteners are also common occurrences resulting from unchecked dampness.

Damp Walls’ Treatment & Repair Services Costs

The cost of treating, repairing and damp proofing a property is dependent on various factors such as the size, architecture, type of damp and materials used. To ensure accurate pricing for your specific situation, our team at Sussex Damp Treatments recommends scheduling a damp and timber survey by calling 01273 257 212. Our fully trained professionals will conduct an inspection to gain a thorough understanding of the issue before providing you with the most cost-effective solution. Trust us to provide adequate treatment tailored to your needs.

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