What’s A Cavity Wall?

A cavity wall is a type of wall that has a hollow space in the middle. It consists of two skins, which are separated by an empty gap or cavity. These skins are typically made up of masonry materials like brick or cinder blocks. Masonry is known to be porous and can absorb rainwater or humidity over time, leading to moisture buildup within the wall structure.

This can cause various problems such as dampness and mould growth if left untreated. Therefore, it’s essential to take necessary measures to prevent moisture from penetrating through the walls and causing damage to your property. Regular maintenance cheques and proper insulation installation can help keep your cavity walls dry and free from any potential issues caused by water infiltration.

What’s The Purpose Of Cavity Walls?

The primary purpose of metal flashing is to divert water away from the cavity between two walls. This installation typically runs from the interior wall to the exterior wall, with a downward-curving weep hole that allows for proper drainage. The weep holes also create an airstream in the hollow space, which helps evaporated water escape to the outside. To prevent the rotting of wooden window frames, weep holes are installed above windows as well. It’s crucial for both walls forming this cavity to have an effective Damp Proof Course (DPC) and waterproofing coatings that ensure maximum structure impermeability. Regularly checking these elements guarantees there are no damages or issues present.

Benefits Of Damp Proofing Cavity Walls

Transforming damp basements and subterranean spaces into dry, habitable areas is an economical and pleasurable way to expand a home or maximise existing space. One of the most effective methods for preventing moisture degradation over time is through constructing a damp-proofed cavity wall.

By damp proofing the cavity walls, water and moisture are prevented from passing through interior voids in walls and foundations. Continuous hollow walls serve as an efficient barrier that stops moisture from transferring from the exterior to the inner wall, thereby ensuring comprehensive protection against dampness.

This approach offers a long-lasting solution that enhances durability while providing homeowners with peace of mind knowing their property is safeguarded against potential damage caused by excess moisture infiltration.

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Waterproofing Systems – Cavity Wall Damp Proofing

Sussex Damp Treatments offers three types of structural waterproofing protection.

  1. Type ‘A’ (Barrier Protection)

    (Barrier Protection) is suitable for structures made of concrete or masonry that provide limited protection against water infiltration. This system involves applying a multi-coat waterproofing method to walls, floors and soffits with numerous interim layers to create a physical barrier that keeps the area dry. Construction joints, expansion joints and/or connexion joints are sealed using Hypalon Strips glued with an epoxy resin to enable high joint movement.

  2. Type ‘B’ (Structurally Integrated Protection)

    Structurally Integrated Protection is designed and built-in reinforced or pre-stressed concrete according to Eurocode 2, BS EN 8500 standards to minimise water penetration; BS 8102 or BS 8007 standards prevent water penetration depending on the grade of basement use.

  3. Type ‘C’ (Drained Protection)

    Drained Protection uses structural concrete or masonry as a primary defence against water entering the structure. Any water that enters is channelled, collected, and discharged within the hollow created by adding an inner skin to the walls and floor. The system includes drainage systems and sump/pump units to remove groundwater from the structure using hollow drain membranes placed on walls/floors directing the water into channels leading it safely out of the building through proper drainage points. Traditional cementitious tanking systems are replaced by cavity drain membranes which allow pressure-free passage of moisture while controlling it in air gaps between membrane/structure preventing interior damage caused by dampness/moisture build-up.

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The expenses associated with resolving a damp issue are influenced by several factors, including the dimensions of the property, its architecture, and the type of damp causing it. The materials involved also play a significant role in determining costs. Given these many considerations, we recommend reaching out to our team for assistance. You can either book a survey online or call us at 01273 257 212 to schedule an inspection by one of our fully trained and friendly team members who will thoroughly assess your property’s situation and provide you with an accurate quote that is both cost-effective and tailored to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for expert guidance on addressing any damp problems you may be experiencing.

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Sussex Damp Treatments is a highly regarded damp proofing and property preservation firm in the UK. Our team has been accredited by  The Property Care Association (PCA), providing you with an extra layer of assurance. We have successfully resolved numerous issues related to moisture damage in hundreds of homes, including capillary motion from ground moisture, seepage through below-ground walls, rain infiltration due to structural flaws or faulty rainwater products, leaky plumbing and rising water tables that can cause wood rot infestation and condensation leading to steamed windows, mould on furniture and clothing as well as Black Spot Mould.

If you have any concerns about dampness in your building, please get in touch with our exceptional customer service or call  01273 257 212 to speak directly with one of our specialists. We are committed to being transparent about the problems at hand so we can provide you with all the information necessary for making informed decisions. Contact us now for a no-obligation site survey.

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