What is Structural Damp?

Structural dampness, caused by water intrusion or condensation within a building’s structure, can lead to serious issues such as instability and deterioration.

To combat this problem in basement waterproofing, it is crucial to have an effective cavity drain membrane system that acts as a barrier against moisture from the surrounding soil. Sussex Damp Treatments offers dependable solutions for these concerns. Condensation and water penetration are major contributors to damp problems in buildings, which can be worsened by increased humidity levels. The shape and porosity of construction materials also play a role in evaporation-restricted capillary penetration. Basement waterproofing with cavity drain membranes is especially important when there is wood present or if the building has a cellar or basement. If you’re worried about dampness affecting your property, our team of experts at 01273 257 212 can provide comprehensive surveys and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs through email or phone consultation.

What Are The Signs Of Structural Water Damage?

Dampness is a common issue that can cause significant secondary damage to a building’s structure. The presence of unwanted moisture creates an ideal environment for various fungi to grow, leading to rot, mould and sick building syndrome. Rising damp is often caused by wallpaper loosening due to the deterioration of plaster and paint from defective damp proof courses. Water stains, salts and mildew also wreak havoc on surfaces. Moulds can thrive on almost any surface in high-moisture settings, such as leaking roofs or areas with high humidity levels. Good basement waterproofing is essential for preventing these issues.

It’s important to note that when a building has damp problems, the timber structure may have already begun deteriorating; therefore, timber damp proofing treatments are crucial preventative measures against potential structural problems, whether used immediately after restoration or applied to old structures. It’s not just the timber structure that requires attention either – some types of fungus can also thrive in brickwork.

Dry rot is one such example which may grow through brickwork under ideal conditions and even over dry materials if left untreated. If you’re experiencing any concerns regarding your property’s dampness levels, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Sussex Damp Treatments for guidance and assistance in dealing with this matter as soon as possible.

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The Importance Of Structural Water Proofing

Waterproofing is the process of rendering an object or structure impervious to water, thereby preventing water infiltration under certain conditions. In accordance with BS8102:2009 guidelines, waterproofing a building’s structure aims to create a dry environment that ensures stability and prevents degradation caused by humidity. This treatment is especially crucial in basement (or cellar) waterproofing since these areas are highly susceptible to dampness and moisture damage. To address this issue, cavity drain membranes may be the most effective solution for underground structures. By implementing structural waterproofing measures during refurbishment or new construction projects, it is possible to prevent humidity from damaging the building’s integrity and ensure its longevity.

Benefits Of Structural Damp Proofing

Structural damp proofing is a vital part of any comprehensive strategy to combat dampness in buildings. When used alongside other technologies, such as those for walls, ceilings and floors, it can extend the lifespan of structures and improve the quality of life for occupants.

By employing waterproofing techniques correctly, structural integrity can be maintained or restored. At Sussex Damp Treatments, our highly skilled staff undergo continual training to ensure they are equipped with the best products and procedures available when carrying out waterproofing installations under the supervision of our Contracts Manager and CSSW Qualified Surveyors.

We have experience in providing various waterproofing solutions including basement waterproofing and addressing concerns regarding damp cellars. Our partnerships with major suppliers enable us to provide fully guaranteed solutions that meet your property’s requirements while ensuring its longevity and security.

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Structural Waterproofing: Water And Damp Proofing

Sussex Damp Treatments offers a range of structural waterproofing solutions to protect your property from water damage. There are three types of protection available, each designed to suit different requirements and budgets. These include cavity drain membranes, which provide an effective barrier against moisture by creating a space between the wall and the membrane; cementitious coatings, which offer excellent resistance to water penetration and can be applied directly onto walls or floors; and liquid-applied membranes, which are ideal for complex structures such as roofs or balconies. Our team of experts will assess your property’s needs before recommending the most suitable solution for you. With our high-quality products and professional installation services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is protected from dampness and water damage for years to come.

Barrier Protection

The basement structure is typically constructed with concrete or masonry, offering limited protection against water infiltration. To prevent moisture from penetrating the area, a barrier system must be applied internally or externally, along with usable ground drainage where necessary. Type A systems are suitable for wet substrates and provide resistance to hydrostatic backpressure through multi-coat waterproofing methods applied to walls, floors and soffits. The device creates a physical barrier that keeps the area dry while construction joints, expansion joints and connexion joints seal it effectively using Hypalon Strip glued with an epoxy resin for high joint movement.

For structurally integrated protection (Type B), reinforced or pre-stressed concrete is used in accordance with Eurocode 2, BS EN 8500 to minimise water penetration; BS 8102 or BS 8007 prevents water penetration depending on the grade of basement use. Drained Protection (Type C) involves structural concrete or masonry preventing water from entering the structure by channelling any incoming groundwater into an inner skin added to walls and floor before being discharged via drainage systems and sump/pump units outside of the hollow created within.

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How Much Do Structural Water Proofing Services Cost?

Sussex Damp Treatments offers a vast array of goods, brands and products to cater to the unique requirements and limitations of each damp proofing situation. With various timber damage and damp proofing treatment options available, our team will develop a tailored tanking strategy and provide a quotation for structural waterproofing works such as underground rooms or lateral groundwater penetration cases. We understand that no two cases are alike; hence we offer personalised analysis and quotes on the most cost-effective solutions. Contact us at 01273 257 212 to discuss your specific needs with our experts who can guide you through the process with confidence.

Why Choose Sussex Damp Treatments?

Sussex Damp Treatments provides a comprehensive range of services, including surveys, damp proofing, and repairs for wood, walls, ceilings and floors. Our clientele includes commercial property owners, residential property owners and property management businesses. We have almost 20 years of combined industry experience with a team of experts possessing diverse abilities. Our CSSW surveyors are certified to design waterproofing systems that adhere to BS8102:2009 criteria for the protection of below-ground structures against water from the ground. As Certified Surveyors in Remedial Treatment, we guarantee our customers receive exceptional service at competitive prices. We specialise in specific damp and timber treatments as well as rotten timber repairs using effective methods to solve any problem you may face.

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